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Loadup For Brokers

Negotiate With Carriers

Loadup allows brokers to reach out to multiple carriers, compare prices, and negotiate for the best deals.This also gives brokers more control over the shipping prices, enabling them to make more informed decisions and secure the best rates for their shipments.

Digital Documentation

Brokers can easily access and manage all their clients’ shipment-related documents such as the bill of lading, invoices, proof of delivery, and proof of pickup digitally. They can view, download and share these documents with their clients and other stakeholders.

Get Started For Free

There’s no upfront cost involved to get started on the app as a broker. You may choose to review all the available carriers and their prices before negotiating a deal. You need to pay only when the booking is confirmed.

Book Multiple Trucks

Large shipments are our old buddies and we don’t like to see them waiting. Loadup offers the ability for brokers to book multiple trucks in one transaction which allows them to manage large quantities of goods efficiently for their clients, without the hassle of dealing with multiple carriers. This feature can be availed by brokers for full-truckloads (FTL) only.

Live Tracking

Loadup allows brokers to easily track the location and status of the shipments at any point in the delivery process. Brokers can see the expected delivery time, current location of the truck, and any delays or issues that may arise. This provides brokers with the peace of mind knowing that they can keep track of their clients’ shipments and respond to any potential issues quickly.

Credit Line

Loadup provides brokers with a flexible and convenient way to manage their cash flow, allowing them to pay for their shipments on credit. The credit line feature is designed to help brokers with temporary cash flow issues, enabling them to continue shipping without interruption.

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